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Algemene voorwaarden

1)  The terms and conditions apply for all orders / commands transferred to us.
The buyer is deemed to accept them, by the mere fact of his order / command.

2)   Except where otherwise specified, all our invoices have to be payed at William of Moerbeke Street 1 B-9500 Geraardsbergen

3)   In case of non-payment on the specified expiry date, the amount due and without notice, increased by 10% by way of conventional compensation with a minimum of € 500. All legal and any protests will be borne by the buyer / customer.

4)   The bills issued or promissory notes, make no exception in the manner of payment.

5)   In case of non-payment on the specified expiry date, there will also be a conventional interest of law and without notice due of 1.0% per month from the date of the due date of the invoice.

6)   All of our price quotes as well as our catalog prices, both oral and written, are not binding on us.

7)   All complaints or objections to the bill will not be accepted unless they are notified in writing by registered mail to the seller or to the repairer within eight days, Sundays and holidays included, after sending the bill or in the Acceptance of the goods.  

The reason for non-payment will at least be mentioned in this writing.  

In the absence of objections or complaints or objections or complaints made outside the time limit specified in the conditions of sale, this means the acceptance and approval of the amount of the invoice as requested by the seller.

8)   The delivery and completion deadlines are only given by way of indication.

9)   The seller can’t warrant the cases of force majeure or acts of God; in these cases, no order can be destroyed by way of late delivery.

10)   The goods remain our property completely and the seller will at least be able to exercise the right of retention until the moment of full payment from the buyer.

11)   All disputes which fall within the competence of the Peace Court will be charged solely for the district court of GERAARDSBERGEN.
All possible other disputes are within the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of OUDENAARDE.

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